The Association

Magazine BLUES is published by a non profit organization : BLUES etc…

This association of which the aim is to promote the Blues and its derivatives, is only made of voluntary ones. This association does not touch any grant and it ensures alone the publication of the Magazine.

In complement of your subscription to BLUES MAGAZINE, you can support the work of voluntaries while becoming member of this association:

Contributions are as follows:

Active member:
23 Euros
Benefactor Member :
50 Euros
Donor Member :

Each member will receive at the time of his accession a BLUES CD and will see the duration of his subscription in progress with BLUES MAGAZINE prolonged of 20% (1N° for a subscription of 1 year, 2N° for a 2 year subscription).

The members also have access to the space reserved to the member on the site of BLUES magazine. They will find there the pdf of now out of print first BLUES MAGAZINES, of the photographs of the team, the minutes of the periodic meetings of the drafting team.

The contributions consolidate the treasury, they also allow the members who wish it to be integrated into the team which makes live the magazine.

You can contact us for more information:

• postal
Blues etc , 1 Allée Maryse Bastié 95150 TAVERNY - FRANCE
• Fax :
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• E-Mail :

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